No, I’m not dead.

Not that you thought I was dead, but just in case you did (because of my lack of posting), I am here to prove that alas, I am alive! (Alas! That’s a word I need to start saying more often.)

I think I’ve finally gotten out of my slump and I’m doing much better. Just been outrageously busy and motivated at work (miracle of miracles) so I’ve been trying to keep it that way by not getting distracted by other things (i.e., this blog). I’ve been slowly but surely taking care of crossing things off my list and that feels great. I love lists and I even more so love crossing items off said lists. Such accomplishment! Even if it’s just recycling old magazines or refilling toilet paper supply in my bathroom cabinet… it’s those small things that make a big difference. Just trying to take care of me. I can’t invest in relationships with other people when I feel like I have nothing to give. You know?

Anyway, I have an eye doctor appointment tonight, which means new glasses! And hopefully prescription sunglasses!!! I’ve been waiting so long. I’ve found myself wearing sunglasses over top of my regular glasses while I’m driving and then I start laughing out loud, at myself, at how ridiculous I must look to the other drivers on the road. Those other drivers should be thankful I’m wearing my regular glasses though because without them, my eyesight really isn’t that great. Fashion is soooo secondary (at least when it comes to safety). I’m really excited though. And then I have a personal training appointment after that, and I’m really hoping they don’t dilate my pupils for my appointment because that might be a little weird at the gym. But we’ll see.

Ok, that about wraps up things for me today. Just plugging along. Trying to do my best and not get too down on myself when I can’t do everything. As an self-admitting people-pleaser, it’s hard to say no, but I feel even worse when I say yes and then can’t follow through. (That reminds me, Brad and Brandon (if you read this), your stuff will be coming soon. Really.) Thankfully there is grace. Amazing, amazing grace.


One Response to “No, I’m not dead.”

  1. Brad Says:

    Haha. No worries. Just do mine before brandons unless hes paying you more or you know, asked first. :)

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