I can see clearly now…

Over lunch today I picked up my new glasses and prescription sunglasses… I’ve been so excited to finally have glasses without scratches and sunglasses that I can actually have good vision while wearing. My prescription changed slightly, so I can tell it will take a little time to get used to them, but I’m just so happy I can see again. My new frames aren’t all too different from my old ones, just pretty simple darker frames, but they are super lightweight (which is great when I have to wear them all the time). And I’m so pumped to have my sunglasses… especially with my NYC/DC trip coming up this weekend. I wore them today back to work and I’m almost positive when I look at my phone while I’m wearing them, my screen comes to life, there’s like this strange 3D effect thing going on. It’s pretty cool. I think they’re just polarized, but still. Kinda sweet.


One Response to “I can see clearly now…”

  1. mom Says:

    So glad to hear you got your glasses!!

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