Somebody to Love

First things first, my trip last weekend was amazing. I spent Thursday through Saturday morning in New York City, hanging out with Lace, walking around by myself, visiting Scip and trying on $30K worth of jewelry, meeting Kirsten for a drink on the roof of the Met (hot!), crossing the Brooklyn Bridge (cross it off the list!), riding the subway (I love public transportation!), and lots of other awesome stuff. Saturday afternoon through Tuesday morning I spent in Washington, D.C., with Elaine and Ashley. Ash didn’t come home until late Sunday night, so Elaine and I had lots of quality time bumming around town, going to the zoo, clubbing (not really, but kinda), watching and singing a lot of Justin Bieber, and again, much much more. I loved getting a chance to see all of those friends. I really missed them. It was ridiculously hot (90º+) and humid in DC though, so I’m SOOOO thankful I packed lots of tank tops and shorts.

Unfortunately none of my clothes made it home with me, but that’s another story.

Oh, and since I’ve been home, I’ve had a really bad cold and it’s gotten to the point where there’s either dry crusty snot around my nose, or the skin is actually raw and peeling from blowing it so many times. (then again, I did get lots of sun over the weekend, so it could just be peeling from sun.) It’s been like a faucet. Thankfully now it’s moved into more of a phlegm-y cough. Attractive, I know.

Anyways, this weekend I’m looking forward to working out, getting some freelance done, going to the cabin, and just overall relaxing. I’m happy.

And I really LOVE Justin Bieber and Never Say Never. Whether you’re a fan or not, I would recommend watching the movie. It’s great.


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