Strike that.

Just an FYI: I closed my 30th Birthday Fundraiser page. It just seemed like too much of a hassle and even though the site said it was secure, I was worried that it would turn out to be a scam and I would feel awful to object any of you to something like that, especially for doing something nice for me. That would just be awful. So, that being said… if you still want to financially support me, it’s not too late. I am still taking donations, only now they will accepted solely in the form of cash or check. :)

In other news, it’s been super hot in Minnesota the last several days. The air conditioner in my car has been working overtime, that’s for sure. I am thankful to at least have air conditioning, I know some people don’t have that luxury (in their cars or at home).

Ok, well I’m off to the gym where I am going to intentionally sweat, instead of the forced sweating that will soon occur when I get into my car after being parked in the blazing sun all day. Good times!


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