Blame it on the cat.

This morning I woke up and I heard a really faint sound coming from Milo who was sleeping next to me on the bed. It wasn’t a normal cat sound. It sounded more electronic. Hmm. It was my alarm. And it was 9:15 a.m.! Late for work! Gahhh! Milo was just sitting on my phone and I didn’t hear the alarm going off for two whole hours since it was muffled under his big belly. You’d think the vibrations alone would make him move, but I guess not.

Anyways, for that reason alone, I think I’m going to start using Clocky again. Milo definitely can’t sleep on top of him and I would be sure to wake up on time (which is still a plaguing issue for me), plus, I’m desperately seeking to get to work on time (it’s on my list, so that means I really have to do it!) and that will be a step in the right direction.

Tonight I’m going to go to Alanon with my dad to his group, so I’ll be able to cross another thing off my list (wooooo! [button]), and I think it will be really good to go. It’s been over two years since I’ve been to an Alanon meeting, and it will be nice to go with my dad.

I’m thinking that sometime this week or weekend I will start work on my 30-day paper chain for July 19. It’s coming soon! Eeeeeek!


2 Responses to “Blame it on the cat.”

  1. patience Says:

    haha…what is clocky? maybe it’s best to put the alarm clock on a faraway dresser.

    although when i did that instead of hitting snooze i would just turn the alarm off all together since i didn’t want to get out of bed again!

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