30 Day Countdown

Yesterday kicked off my 30 Days until I’m 30 Countdown (yes, I made a paper chain), so I’m eager to plan my birthday festivities (still TBD) and keep crossing things off my list.

I’m going to be super intentional at eating healthy and working out this month (to see if I really can lose a few more pounds before the big day), and I’m giving up pop until my birthday (or after) mostly because I know that is the main thing that causes the GERD attacks. Today is my last day of pop. I had a Diet Mountain Dew for breakfast and Tom surprised me with a Diet Coke bladder buster from McDonald’s for lunch. And now that I’m all GERD-y, I think that’ll be it for the day (and month). Working out regularly won’t be a problem, since it’s ingrained into my routine now ever since joining LA Fitness in October 2010, but eating healthy (or, healthier) will be a bigger struggle for me. I need groceries soon anyways, so I will do my best to get good and healthy options (instead of just the fast and easy stuff I usually reach for).

I went down to the vending machine this morning to assemble the rest of my Breakfast o’ Champions by buying a $1 Pop-Tart. Well I thought I was going to have to shake the machine to get my treat out because the little spinner thing stopped spinning yet my Pop-Tart was still stuck in place. Then all of a sudden the spinner spun some more, releasing not only my purchased Pop-Tart but the next one in line so I got two for the price of one! Not that Pop-Tarts necessarily (or, at all) fall into my healthy food category, but at least I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat for breakfast tomorrow. (I can allow ONE splurge, can’t I?!)

Other than working on my fitness, I will be focusing most of my 30-by-30 list effort on finishing the folders for work and getting to work on time for two weeks (today: day one!). Everything else I complete will just be a bonus.


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