Top Ten Wednes… Thursday! 7/28 Edition

My bad. Second week in a row that I’ve missed Top Ten Wednesday. My excuse for yesterday is that I was partially paralyzed. Not really, but I’ve had severe neck pain the last couple days and I haven’t been able to do much else but think about the good ol’ days when I could move my head without intense shooting pains. Anyways, I’m back in action today, so let’s get this thing rollin’.

  1. First I would like to thank my vein surgeons for having the foresight to prescribe me more-than-necessary pills of Vicodin back in June. If it wasn’t for those meds I wouldn’t be at work today.
  2. Second, I only have one more pill left so hopefully my neck will be better tomorrow, otherwise I’m screwwwwwwed. Or I’ll just have to go to the doctor/chiropractor.
  3. I really don’t want to go to the chiropractor because I don’t want to be roped into a year-long treatment plan. I just want to get in, have them fix me, and then get out.
  4. Enough of the sob story, one good thing to report is that my cold that I’ve been suffering from the last two weeks (or more) is finally on its way out (fingers crossed).
  5. Also I’m officially taking a dating hiatus. Maybe I’ll post more about this in a separate entry. Maybe.
  6. Long story short, I’m basing the hiatus on this tweet I read over the weekend, “Being single doesn’t necessarily mean you’re available. Sometimes you have to put up a sign that says, “Do Not Disturb” on your heart.”
  7. And THIS article from The Daily Love.
  8. Since I’m in this super antsy phase of life (post-quarter-life crisis?) I’m trying to decide if I’m going to try and sell my condo or just make some updates and try to figure out if I can still afford to live there.
  9. I bought some new throw pillows for my couch in the first effort of seeing if that would help. I think it did. I think I might be obsessed with throw pillows.
  10. And nail polish. Maybe I should start selling some of the stuff I don’t use very often. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll do that tonight.




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