Top Ten Wedn… Thursday! 8/18 Edition

I am not doing very well keeping up with my Wednesday posts… In my defense, I did think all day yesterday that it was Tuesday. :)

Well here are the top ten things from this week/today:

  1. Yesterday I picked up my autographed Leslie Frazier football from Winter Park. (head coach of the MN Vikings) I won it in a Twitter contest from the MN Vikings. Score!
  2. I had never been to Winter Park before, I for sure thought I was going to see some players (fingers crossed for AP), but no, I just saw Lois at the front desk. Either way, it was pretty cool.
  3. Tonight is “Ladies Pontoon Night” for my female coworkers on White Bear Lake. I have a feeling it will be funny. At least the weather is amazing.
  4. It’s also my friend Kate’s birthday, so I’m going to try to make it to Uptown later tonight (post-cruise) to celebrate… we’ll see how that goes.
  5. My friend Chelsea got both a tattoo and a piercing on Monday and ever since then all I can think about (exaggeration) is getting another tattoo/piercing. Unfortunately it’s not in the budget this month.
  6. I’m getting seriously obsessed with repainting frames/mirrors/lamps/etc. I’m really considering starting a business to sell all the stuff I remake.
  7. I even went to Joann Fabric this week. I am not craftsy. I might have to set aside a craft area in my condo.
  8. But probably not. I’d much rather have random spray painted pieces strewn about my living room.
  9. Besides Joann, I also went to the pet store in Har Mar to look at the kittens again. What’s my deal?
  10. It’s pretty busy at work right now so I can’t spend too much time on my blog these days (if you couldn’t tell). Sorry about that. Once students come back and school starts in a couple weeks, hopefully I’ll get back to the “daily” part of the posting. Thanks for your patience.

Happy Thursday (almost Friday… almost weekend)!


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