Back to… Brown

Earlier this summer I decided to go lighter with my hair. I liked it for awhile… until my dark roots started showing and — because my under-layer was still dark, it even more so accentuated my bad haircut — I just couldn’t handle it anymore. So instead of waiting until payday (1.5 weeks away) to get my hair professionally done (costing approx $150), I decided to get a box at Target (costing $6.99) and do it myself. So, I’m back to brown. And I’m actually really happy. I feel more like myself again. Even though I’ve had my share of highlights in the past, the light hair just threw me off every time I looked in the mirror. So there. (p.s. Pardon the creepy white faces… I wasn’t wearing any makeup and the faces I was making in the photos were somewhat frightening.) :)



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