California Love

I got to spend time in the ever-wonderful state of California this past weekend. (I know it was great weather in MN over the weekend too, but I got to see the ocean… so there.) My cousin Linnea got married on the beach on Sunday and it was one of the most beautiful, intimate, God-honoring weddings I have ever been to. The weather was perfect (upper 70s and sunny, not a cloud in the sky almost all weekend), we had great quality time as a family, and it was just a lovely time all-around. I met some great friends too, that I can now call semi-not-really family.

Not much else is going on now that the wedding is over. I’m just back at work, trying to get back in my old gym routine, and wanting to redecorate my condo in a major way. Like, create a clean slate and start over (using the existing furniture/decor, just in a new way). We’ll see. I still have that antsy feeling that I had a couple months ago.

I have a good topic to write about at a later date… I’d post it today, but I’m trying to write quickly so I can get out of work and get home. I want to finish painting my lamps and recovering the lamp shades tonight. Yay!


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