Last night (similarly to the night I bought Milo), I was browsing at the pet store and spontaneously decided to buy a new kitty. She looks like she could be Milo’s little sister, but she has golden yellow eyes (the reason for naming her Honey).

Her and Milo are still getting used to sharing the same space, and I know it will be a transition, but I wish they would just love each other right away and stop all the hissing and scratching. It’s mostly just aimed at me now (and my hand has the scratches to prove it), since I’m trying to ease Honey’s nerves and comfort her. Milo’s actually doing quite well (I thought he’d be the one to have more of an issue), she’s maybe just a little more afraid.

Either way, I’m excited. I have her first trip to the vet tomorrow (free exam since I got her at the pet store at Har Mar; score!), which reminds me, I should probably bring Milo in at some point. He got all of his shots and was neutered before I got him, but I haven’t brought him in since I’ve owned him (almost 3 years). Honey is  a couple months younger, so we’ll see how it goes.

Here is a pic of my new little lady.

Here they both are when I went home over lunch today (and watched an episode of Sex and the City). Sorry, it’s totally blurry.



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