Top Ten Wednesday! 10/26 Edition

Here’s wassup.

  1. I’m loving my new little Honey. I feel like she’s getting used to her new home (and her new older brother, Milo) and feeling more comfortable by the hour. That’s super reassuring for me.
  2. Honey and I went to the vet this morning. She had to get two vaccinations and also got her ears cleaned out (they were pretty nasty, though no ear mites, PTL). I left the “free exam” $99 poorer (and because it’s the end of the month and I’m already scraping bottom, I have to go back with a post-dated check since both of my cards were declined; awesome.), but at least I know my new kitty is healthy. Now it’s probably time to get Mr. Milo in for a check-up. He’s more than overdue. I’ll at least wait until my next pay period.
  3. As good as I was at going to the gym last week… this week? Not so good. I’ve been a little distracted. Plus, I haven’t gone 12 times this month, so it’s not like I’m going to get my insurance reimbursement anyways. I might as well wait and start the month off on a good note, starting next week.
  4. I do want to get back into going to the gym regularly, not only for my health, but there is a new super hot trainer that must have recently started working there. And he alone is motivation enough to get back to the gym. Amen.
  5. This week, not only did I buy a new kitten, I also got my oil changed. I know, almost equally as exciting. I didn’t even realize I was over my “recommended mileage” by over 500 miles, until I randomly glanced at my odometer the other day. My guess is that my spontaneous road trip to South Dakota at the end of September was the main culprit. Probably not my 2.2 mile commute. Just a guess.
  6. I think I finally figured out my Halloween costume. I think it is the best use of my resources (mostly, it’s not costing me much) and will still be fun. We’ll see though, I change my mind just about every day.
  7. I still want to crank out that list of 12 things I want to do before 2012. Perhaps I’ll start that on Nov. 1st too.
  8. This week is all about getting winter athletic stuff and the annual report chart section done. And playing with my cats. And figuring out my Halloween costume. So much to do, so little time.
  9. I cooked last night. I know. Miracle of miracles. It was deeeeelish. And it wasn’t even grilled cheese. I know! I made chicken breast (cooked with the most delicious Asian sesame dressing from Panera), asparagus with parmesan cheese, a mojito (had some leftover mix), and some light french silk chocolate ice cream for dessert. All the while watching Wheel of Fortune and Sex and the City and playing with my cats. I know!!!
  10. It is the dangerous week of the month when I only want to eat sweet treats. I think I had about 10 laffy taffy pieces in just one sitting. Thank goodness my dental clinic called to remind me of an upcoming appointment. Mmmm sugar! (Thanks, dad.)
Ok, that’s all I got. Happy Wednesday friends and foes (though I don’t think I have any foes, nor would they probably read my blog, but whatev). Love you all.

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