Top Ten Wednesday! 11/2 Edition

  1. After only a week, Honey and Milo are getting along like the best of friends. I could not be happier about it! After hearing horrible stories of friends with multiple cats who required weeks/months of separation, I was a little nervous about how my two would get along.  I am so pleased that after such a short amount of time, they are sleeping and playing and enjoying each other’s company. Makes my heart melt a little. :)
  2. One unfortunate thing that Honey has picked up from Milo is his love of jumping into the fridge. Milo does it mostly because the only way to get him out is to give him treats (or pretend to give him treats), but Honey doesn’t care so much about the treats, so she will just stay in there forever. What is up with that, I mean, really. Fortunately for them, it is cute. (Perhaps if I actually had food in my fridge, there wouldn’t be room for cats. Hmm. I wonder what that would be like…)
  3. Ok, this is totally lame, but I’m actually really sad for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries and the news of their divorce and how they can’t go through their personal stuff without constant criticism from the media. I mean, sure, their marriage was extremely public, and Kim isn’t one to shy away from being in the spotlight, but I just feel bad for them. Give them some privacy for crying out loud.
  4. And can someone just pass on my phone number to Kris? I’m just sayin’, I wouldn’t mind being his rebound. (Basketball pun intended.)
  5. In other news, I dyed my hair dark again last night (perhaps I was subconsciously channeling my inner-Kardashian in hopes to run into Kris in Minnesota and woo him into falling in love with me). Kidding. I mean I did dye my hair, but it was only because I was buying shampoo at Target last night and an old lady came up to me and offered me her $2 off coupon for hair color. It was already on sale for $5, so it was hard to turn down a $3 color job. So I took the dang coupon and I’m dark again.
  6. And I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to take a normal picture of myself to save my life. It just feels weird.
  7. I’m getting back into my gym routine slowly but surely. I did a bunch of planks yesterday and my abs are so sore today. I love that feeling.
  8. I also love going to the gym (not only for the new hot trainer, but for the hot guy that I’ve been eyeing for the last year). I’m telling ya, there is some good eye candy at LA Fitness New Brighton.
  9. I have to run to a dr. appointment now. I’m going to get my antidepressant assessed (see if it’s doing its job, I don’t think it is), as well as get my flu shot, and see if I can get a referral for another sleep study.
  10. Exciting! (I can’t think of 10 things today, I’ve got Kris Humphries and hot guy from the gym (that ironically kinda looks like him) on the brain.)

2 Responses to “Top Ten Wednesday! 11/2 Edition”

  1. mom Says:

    Love your blog post!!! And I love you, beautiful daughter!

  2. Jen Says:

    Love the hair girl!

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