Today is the start of Valentine’s week. Yes, I know, the actual holiday is just one day (tomorrow) but I’m not celebrating it until Wednesday, therefore since the world celebrates it tomorrow and I’m celebrating it Wednesday, that’s two days of the week, and I think that constitutes a week-long observance. Ok, that was a weird explanation. It made more sense in my head. Either way, single or spoken for, I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day. And even though technically I had a man in my life last year to celebrate V-Day with, he turned out to be a complete poop, so I don’t want to even consider him as one of my past Valentines. Woof.

This year I actually do have a pretty great guy (so far, so good), but he works late tomorrow, so like I said, we’ll be celebrating on Wednesday. Plans are still TBD, but I’m excited. Today I even dressed the part. I feel very romantic: pearls, pink, lace/ruffle tank, soft wavy hair. I’m wearing the necklace that I made at Girls Day in Roch a couple weekends ago and I absolutely love it. It’s awfully romantical.

A fun clip from Little Rascals (note the “romantical” quote around the 3:00 mark.) Also, I love Spanky so much.

One of my favorite Jenna Daily V-Day posts was from 2009. (Love that graphic!)


2 Responses to “Romantical”

  1. mom Says:

    Love your post sweetie! And I love you! :)

  2. tara Says:

    love that you are wearing your girls’ day necklace!

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