Tweet Tweet

While watching “It’s a Brad Brad World” on Bravo last night, I tweeted both Brad and his partner Gary (because I think they’re amazing and hilarious), and I got a direct message from Gary thanking me for my tweet. Totally made my day. So cool.

I also got a mention and a retweet from Bob Guiney (remember, from The Bachelor season 4?)! I tweeted that I was hoping to hear a “you better Belize it!” from one of the girls when Ben offered them a rose (since they were in Belize), because that happened on his season and I have never forgotten it.

Oh, and last week I got retweeted by Ashley Spivey (of Brad Womack’s season of Bachelor) for attempting to spell the noise that Casey S. made while she was crying. It was awesome.

And (last thing, I swear) Peyton — who was on Jake’s season I think, who’s now engaged to Chris (from Ali’s season) — started following me out of nowhere. I don’t even think I follow her. I must just be so dang funny.

So pretty much I’m a Twitter celebrity [by association to reality tv stars]. :)

On another note, it’s Valentine’s Day (believe it or not!) and besides eating a butt load (or is it boat load?) of cookies and chocolate and other malnourishing goodies, it’s been pretty uneventful. Even though I’m pretty sure it was just coincidence, I did receive THEEE BEST EVER (!) package in the mail from my lovely cousin Linnea and her awesome husband Brandon. (If you follow me on twitter (even you lowly non-celebs, ha!), you will know that I accidentally posted my tweet o’ thanks FOUR TIMES. Whoops-a-daisy. I guess I was just so excited. That, or my twitter app was saying there was an error (when obviously everything was working just fine).) Anyways, it was seriously the best. It was so thoughtful and so cute and so unnecessary (it was basically thanking me for sending them a tiny little magnet in the mail), and seriously, even though I’ve already said it a gazillion times, it completely made my day. I even got teary about it. Seriously, it was that meaningful to me. Each little item in the gift basket had a cute personal note attached to it, I am going to keep them forever. I can’t say it enough, it was just the sweetest. (Thanks again you two, you really do rock!) :)


By the by, in case anyone was taking notes, my V-Day plans have now moved to Thursday night… all the more reason to make it a week-long celebration!

(Today I’m wearing my $5 Love necklace from Walmart, a dress (black with shades of pink), and I painted little hearts on my ring finger/nails in red polish. So festive.)

Hahahaha, I just realized that the love necklace that I just linked to cost $37, and I paid $5. And they look IDENTICAL. I don’t say this often, but:

Walmart FTW.




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