Fitness Failure

Yesterday I logged into my LA Fitness online account to see if I can freeze my personal training account since I can’t really afford it right now, but then I noticed that it still takes $15 a month to keep it open. Weird. Either way, I still have about six months worth of personal training sessions to cash in on… so I should probably get on that. At the same time I was on their site, I looked at my check-in history… it was dismal. I haven’t worked out since December 13th. Wooooooooof. That’s more than two months. Makes we want to just barf. I’m thinking on this “Fat Tuesday” that instead of gorging on everything I might just go to the gym instead.

Miracle of miracles if it happens, so wish me luck.


One Response to “Fitness Failure”

  1. mom Says:

    Good luck sweetie!!

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