I’m currently sitting at work with my left leg, sandwiched between a cushy pink pillow (borrowed from the nap nook!) and a big bag of ice, resting up on my desk. Rest – Ice – Compress – Elevate

Last night I was out with Mr. P (the fellow) in Uptown last night and as we were walking back to his apartment, I stepped off a curb wrong and maybe it was icy, but I really think I just mis-stepped, either way, I sprained my ankle pretty bad. I’ve been hobbling around like a weirdo all day, and I even went to the athletic trainer to get it wrapped (and iced). It’s really just annoying. And tomorrow at the MSP airport, I may just have to ask one of those nice cart men who drive old people around if they’ll make an exception, otherwise I’m going to have to leave for the airport even earlier tomorrow, just to make sure I have enough time to hobble to the gate on time.

It’s not so bad, I mean, I’ll be in sunny Arizona in less than 36 hours. Booya.


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