Easter Week Things

There are many things to look forward to this week! Since that is the case, I am going to list these bad boys out in no particular order (I am behind on the posts anyway, and this way is so much easier/faster)… Enjoy!

  • I can stop wearing my sleep watch tomorrow morning. For the last two weeks I’ve been wearing a super hot & fashionable Actiwatch that is tracking my daily activity, most closely, my sleep habits. I actually don’t exactly know what it’s tracking, but it will be cool when I find that out and see the results. It’s not actually hot & fashionable at all. Plus, it looks like a watch but has no face; I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve looked at my wrist to check the time only to see a blank piece of plastic. It also looks like something someone on house arrest would wear. I’m feeling a little like Lindsay Lohan. Without all the drama, of course.
  • My sleep study is Wednesday night. I’m so excited to figure out what’s wrong with me.
  • We have Friday off. Good Friday. Good. In so many ways.
  • I might to go church on Sunday.
  • I might get to visit my brother on Sunday.
  • I am (not might be) going to Mr. P’s family Easter celebration on Sunday. I’m really excited and a little nervous. I might have to go shopping for a new outfit.
  • Did I mention we have Friday off? Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!
  • I’m contemplating going to the gym regularly (what’s new? I’ve only said that for the last four months…). I feel squishy. And the thought of being in a swimsuit around other people makes me gag a little.

Eh, that’s all I can think of for now. It’s becoming my sleepy time of the day and I don’t feel like putting one more thought into this post. I wonder what my activity watch would have to say about me right now.


One Response to “Easter Week Things”

  1. mom Says:

    I was just about to tell you it’s been awhile since you’ve blogged and I was missing it!! :) (The Jenna ‘almost’ Daily!)

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