Top Ten Wednesday: 4/4 Edition!

  1. I have four hours until I need to leave for my sleep study. I’m so excited to find out what my [sleep] issues are.
  2. I’m really hoping it’s not sleep apnea, because I really don’t want to have to sleep with a CPAP mask.
  3. The thing I’m most looking forward to is when they have to attach all the wires to my head/scalp with wax, it’s kind of like a mini massage.
  4. Also, I’m looking forward to watching cable. Really hoping there’s a good E! True Hollywood Story on tonight.
  5. Oh, here’s a good story: last weekend I accidentally shaved part of my eyebrow off. Yep. Thankfully it’s the side that my bangs are on and I have pretty dark eyebrows so the brown eyeliner that I’ve been using to draw them in this week works pretty well. Oopsie. (I sure would’ve liked to have all of my eyebrows when meeting Mr. P’s family this weekend…)
  6. I’m really excited to meet them. First time I’ve ever met a boyfriend’s family that I haven’t already known from church or whatever.
  7. That was my first time calling Mr. P my boyfriend. I don’t know if he is, it was just easier to say that than “the guy that I’m dating’s family.” I do really like him though.
  8. Check this out, I was looking at my blog stats the other day and there was a map of all of my visitors from the last two weeks. Pretty cool. The Jenna Daily has gone international, baby!
  9. Last night I spent some time out on my balcony spray painting a bunch of my projects. Almost all of my mirror frames have been painted which means I can finally hang up my collage wall soon. (Yay!) I also have a bunch of stuff (trinket-y/home decor things) that I would like to sell, but it will probably just have to be done via Facebook or word-of-mouth, since I don’t have an Etsy site (yet!) or anything.
  10. I will admit, I felt a little bad when I realized someone was grilling while I was doing my painting, since the grill is two floors downwind of my balcony. Whoops-a-daisy. Sorry for the white burgers, dude!

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