So many things

The last couple weeks have been filled with so many things. Since it’s been awhile since I posted last, I’ll do something really original… (wait for it)… a list! No, it will not be a top ten list because, well, it’s not Wednesday (it’s FRIDAY!) and there may be less than ten things, or maybe more than ten. No need to put a limit to it. Anyways, here’s what’s up:

  • Sleep study went well — I know I actually slept this time around, I can still recall the dreams I had that night (strange). My appointment to find out the results is on Monday, so here’s to hoping there’s a problem with a solution!
  • The funny thing about the sleep study, wasn’t actually the study itself, but the next day when they made me stay for “nap trials.” It was basically like I was in preschool and had to go down for naps every two hours. Not like I could sleep when I was actually tired, but only when it was nap time. At least they ordered me Jimmy John’s for lunch, because that was one of the most boring/unproductive days of my life.
  • You will all be glad to know that my eyebrow is almost fully grown in. Probably only a week or so of drawing that bad boy in with eyeliner. Good times!
  • Despite the lack of my right eyebrow, Easter with Mr. P’s family went SO WELL. It really couldn’t have gone better. I’m looking forward to his birthday next week when we get to hang out again.
  • Mr. P also met my parents the following week; we all went to Chianti Grill, had a delicious meal, and a fun conversation.
  • I’m glad things are progressing with him, and I’m glad I feel so comfortable with him, because the limits of that comfort were stretched this last week. We went out for a celebratory 3-month-anniversary drink on Tuesday night and about an hour later I was barfing in his sink. It was either food poisoning, a reaction to a new medication, or the stomach flu (because I definitely wouldn’t vom after such a small amount of adult beverages). Either way, it will be awhile before I can have spaghetti again, let me just tell you that.
  • (You’re welcome for that.)
  • I’m quickly gathering more items for my spray paint projects. I bought five more owls (Mr. P will get a kick outta that, he always teases me about my owls) at local thrift stores this week. My mirror wall is closing in, I only have a few more mirrors to paint and then it will be installed. I suppose I could always put up the ones I already have and add to the collection as I go… (we’ll see). I have some AWESOME mirrors.
  • On a way more exciting note, I found a chair at Goodwill last week for $8 and I’m allllmost done painting it (white, of course). I’ve already reupholstered the cushion and created a mini pillow out of some old fabric and super glue. I didn’t feel like sewing it by hand and God knows it would not be pretty to put me in front of a sewing machine. It was more of an experiment than anything, so we’ll see if I keep it. All that’s left is another coat of paint and new casters. I bought some new casters at Menards last week, but they don’t fit. I’m not sure what I should do about that… Any guesses? Either way, I’m SO excited about this new chair. I’m going to use it in my new “home office.”
  • I figure if I have a fun, cute space to do freelance at home, then I’ll be more motivated to focus on doing more of that work. And my bank account would tell you that would be a good idea. Amen, and amen.
  • This weekend there are so many more fun things going on: a trip to IKEA, a hot date with Elaine tonight (to make up for last week’s misadventure… when I went to the ER instead of our hot date — long story), a couple solid sleep-in days, Jeff’s 6th Annual Birthday Biking Bar Crawl tomorrow afternoon/night, and much, much more. Stay tuned! (11 items – take that, Top Ten list!)

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