Top Ten Wednesday: 7/11 Edition

What’s going on?? Here’s what’s going on:

  1. I’m loving summer.
  2. My birthday is next Thursday.
  3. 31 is going to kick 30’s butt.
  4. I’m pretty sure match guy (that I wrote about last week) is phasing me out even though he said he wasn’t going to. What’s new.
  5. Getting phased out by guys I like should be my job. I would be friggin’ rich.
  6. Friggin’ is actually a word that I can’t stand, but sometimes I like saying it because it makes me feel a little more gangster (than I already am, of course).
  7. I can’t wait to go to the cabin and relax this weekend.
  8. I can’t wait to go to the cabin next weekend with friends. Guaranteed it will not be as relaxing, but it WILL be fun.
  9. Also, I can’t wait to shoot off some fireworks (and not die).
  10. Five years ago when I hosted birthday cabin weekend, we were one shot away from exploding along with the fireworks. Seriously.


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