Top Ten Wednesday: 8/29 Edition!

  1. First things first: it’s been two weeks since I’ve had money. Somehow, God has provided. Coincidentally though, I’m at -$338.80 in my checking account. So there’s that.
  2. I will be shouting for joy come midnight tomorrow (Thursday) night – payday!
  3. Then crying; since two days after that, I will be practically back to zero.
  4. I love money problems. (not!)
  5. I do love (trying to change the subject) that this has been the first week of classes, so campus is abuzz with students. It’s so much fun.
  6. I’ve been busy on Facebook posting Flat Jay photos from around campus (getting ready for the State Fair), and photo booth pics that people have submitted (once at the State Fair). It’s great how excited everyone is about Flat Jay (and real Jay)!
  7. I’ll never forget when real Jay said (in response to us calling him Flat Jay), “Better than Flatulent Jay.” HA!
  8. I’ve been busy on Facebook, but on a more personal note (not work related), sending messages back & forth with one of said crushes from last time I blogged. That’s been fun. Good for a smile, if nothing else.
  9. Other things that make me smile: Brumby (cat #3) finding a new happy home with Sherie, Lace & Mike choosing a wedding date/venue, Roch day with Becks last Sunday (and mani/pedis with Lisa & Tina “small nail”), Gwen and babycakes coming into town this weekend. Among other things, I’m sure.
  10. Oh, I’m blonde now. Remember my hair color poll back in ’09? Well, my hair is very similar to the blonde photo, except the under layers are dark. I actually really like it. I would probably like it a lot more if I was able to wake up in time to wash my hair every day. But no. Not yet.

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for reading! See you soon!


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