Top Ten Wednesday: 9/26 Edition

Hey y’all! Guess what? I’m actually posting on a Wednesday for the first time in what feels like forever! Aren’t you proud of me?

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty impressed, considering I have probably never been so busy at work. Priorities, people!

Anyways, here are the top ten things that I feel like writing about today:

  1. The saying that “blondes have more fun”  may actually be true because, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been having some pretty good times since dying my hair a lighter color.
  2. Last Saturday for example, I went to the Como Zoo with some friends, then to dinner at O’Gara’s Irish Pub, then drinks and conversation at W.A. Frost. I haven’t laughed that hard and for such a continual period of time in, well, I can’t even remember when. It was so fun. Then after that (a.k.a. after my old friends went home to bed), I met up with some other friends in uptown and continued the good times until the wee hours of the morning.
  3. Sunday was fun only because I got to sleep in and cuddle with my cats all day on the couch, and we all know that chalks right up there with one of the best activities of all time. For me, at least.
  4. By the way, W.A. Frost is one of my new favorite places. It’s just such a cool environment. And if anyone has any connection to my future husband, I think the outdoor patio would be a great place to get engaged. Just sayin’.
  5. I actually got goosebumps as I walked past, imagining the man of my dreams, surrounded by a beautiful garden and twinkle lights, down on one knee. Seriously. Queue the waterworks.
  6. In other news, I’m currently obsessed with Caramel Apple Suckers. Yep, the ones that were popular like 10 years ago. They’re only 15¢ in the campus store with my discount, so I splurged the other day and got one. I’ve been hooked ever since.
  7. You know what else I’m hooked on, that I’m pretty sure they put some addictive ingredient in it? Any powdered drink mix, mainly of the Crystal Light (or Market Pantry) variety. Raspberry Lemonade. Mojito. Cherry Limeade. Yum. My mouth is watering just thinking about a big cold glass of one of those bad boys.
  8. Speaking of bad boys… just kidding. I have nothing to say about bad boys. Only good boys.
  9. One of my new from-a-distance friends came home today after being gone almost five months in Europe, so it will be fun to see him (whenever that happens).
  10. Unrelated: I desperately need a haircut. I think all my hair bleaching didn’t help, but it is just so dry. All I need is a little trim. It will probably have to wait until Friday (payday!)… unless I can find some spare change under the couch cushions or something.

The end. See y’all soon.

Y’all — Twice in one blog post? What’s wrong with me?

(Don’t answer that.)



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