It’s Maaaaadness

At one of the properties where I work, we are doing a March Madness bracket challenge with the residents. We had a big kickoff event last week and it’s been a ton of fun to see everyone get excited about something. Last week I went door-to-door and passed out more than 220 brackets (one for each apartment) for everyone to fill out and turn in. Only 54 people decided to participate (including a few of the staff), but the FUN (sarcasm) thing about doing the bracket thing manually (via paper and not the INTERNET) is that today I got to go through and highlight and count up the total points for all 54 brackets. Granted, we are only halfway through the tournament, but we needed to update the standings. (Side note: last year they had more than 100 brackets, so good riddance to whoever had to keep track! Sucker!) The actual good/useless thing about doing that is I now have the entire list of winners/losers memorized. So if anyone needs help keeping their brackets up to date, I’m your girl.

Let’s be honest, some of those mindless, mundane tasks are the best — especially when I get to use markers! And next year, I’ll suggest that we send out a link and let the computers do all the work. :)



One Response to “It’s Maaaaadness”

  1. Lynn Bolmgren Says:

    Markers have always made everything more fun for you!

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