Less is More


Instead of new years resolutions, for the last 11 years I’ve been assigning myself a yearly motto — a basic word or phrase that I can be easily reminded of to focus on or be challenged by. For those of you new to my blog(s), here’s a recap of the last decade:

… and now for 2017: Less is More.

I first started using this phrase as a design aesthetic in college (thanks to the late professor, Guy Chase), and it’s one I’ve tried to carry with me in my career as a designer, but I feel like it’s also relevant to almost every other aspect of my life. It will be a good reminder in almost every situation to know that it will do me more good to have less. This isn’t so much about the money, but maybe I don’t need another drink, or I don’t need to buy that eye shadow palette, or maybe I don’t have to get a *gallon* of Diet Coke at the drive thru (or get drive thru at all?), or maybe I don’t have to watch the entire season of whatever show *tonight*, and I can probably donate some of these unused clothes to Goodwill, or you-name-it. But guess what, it may mean MORE blogs at the ol’ Jenna Daily, so you all have that to look forward to. ;)

Here’s to a new beginning, friends, it’s gonna be great.
♥ JB


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