30 by 30

Here is my list of the 30 things I want to do before I turn thirty
(or, to shorten, 30 by 30):
Started: Nov. 11, 2010 | Deadline: July 19, 2011

  1. Bake a cake from scratch (completed April 17)
  2. Be a bridesmaid in a wedding (completed Dec. 30; Becky & AJ)
  3. Do something that scares me (completed June 29)
  4. Dye my hair a color it has never been before (completed Jan. 12; Soft Black)
  5. Get another tattoo/piercing (completed Feb. 28 – tattoos: “faith” on right foot, “hope” on back of neck)
  6. Go skinny dipping
  7. Be to work on time for two weeks straight (or more!) (formerly Go snowboarding)
  8. Go to a professional sporting event (other than Twins) (completed Dec. 20; Vikings vs. Bears)
  9. Go to Al Anon at least once (completed June 8)
  10. Go to Las Vegas (completed April 7-11)
  11. Have $1,000 in savings or pay off credit card
  12. Have a housewarming party (completed Feb. 6)
  13. Lose weight (10+ lbs.) (completed Jan. 2011; going for 10 more!)
  14. Make/organize file folders at work (90% completed July 18)
  15. Organize all printed photos (pre-2003) and put into albums (in progress)
  16. Pay off laser treatments
  17. Read 15 books (only 9 to go!)
  18. Read The Bible from beginning to end (start with New Testament)
  19. Redecorate my condo (even just paint) (completed Jan. 25)
  20. Run a 5K (completed May 21; CO5K)
  21. Start a website/blog for freelance design business (completed July 14)
  22. Learn to drive a boat (completed July 17) (formerly Take another Community Ed class)
  23. Take a road trip (5+ hrs) (drive to Canada this summer? see #25)
  24. Take care of varicose veins (completed June 15)
  25. Travel out of the country (see #23)
  26. Travel to NYC to visit Lacey (completed Oct. 14-19)
  27. Visit grandparents in AZ (completed Feb. 28-Mar. 2)
  28. Volunteer somewhere (completed April 30)
  29. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (completed May 26)
  30. Watch 30 movies [preferably but not necessarily new] (completed June 16)

One Response to “30 by 30”

  1. Brianne Minter Says:

    Okay, Jenna, I can help you with number 23 and number 30. Take a road trip to St. Louis, and seeing as though my second job is at blockbuster, we will rent TONS of movies and knock some of those out. :) Sounds like a plan to me! haha.

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