My brother is home for a few days and this afternoon he came to pick me up at work and then we drove over to my place so that he could take Buddy home.  As sad as I will be to not have Buddy at my house keeping me company, I know that my brother is excited to have him back at home for awhile and that makes me happy.  Plus, I’m pretty sure Finny will be pleased to not have a huge cat face staring at him and stressing him out all day.  Maybe not though, I’d like to think they were becoming friends.


3 Responses to “Buddy-less”

  1. hj Says:

    hey, i may not be your Buddy, but i’m your buddy. :)
    so you’re not buddy-less.

  2. Timmer Says:

    yeah Bloms, cheer up! i’m your buddy too & then that makes you my buddy! … reminds me of my favorite song, EVER!

  3. Brad Says:

    buddy #3 here. you’re never buddy-less.

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